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Ross Berteig <> wrote:

> On 4/25/2017 11:28 PM, Paige DePol wrote:
>> As you forgot your footnote I am going to guess you mean this URL:
> Oops. Yes, that is the site.
> Part of the rich complexity is that they break the build into many
> fine-grain phases such as fetching all the files, unpacking tarballs and
> zipballs, applying patches, configure, make, test, and a number of
> installation phases. Their system keeps all of the intermediate steps,
> which makes it possible to figure out what happened when something goes
> wrong, but also means it needs a fair bit of disk space to do a build.

It does look like a pretty complex system, but then building a custom
version of Linux is orders of magnitude more complex than building a custom
version of Lua. I have built a linux system from "scratch" before, and it
was quite an interesting project to do, if not time-consuming... but that is
what Yocto is for, and eventually what I would like my system to be for Lua.

I have some hardware I can use for the building system, here at home as well
as out on the 'net. I figured that once I got the basics working on a
virtual machine I could fire it off to the live server to generate all the
necessary files for others to download.

Once I get all my patches upgraded to the latest Lua build I will begin work
on the "Yocto for Lua" project... I was going to call it Modlua but as
Hisham pointed out that verbally sounds exactly the same as "mod_lua", so
isn't such a great name after all. Modulua was a suggested replacement... I
may use that name but I may also come up with a different name.

Thanks again for pointing out Yocto! :)