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2017-04-23 0:24 GMT+02:00 Paige DePol <>:

> I have not had much time in the past couple years for hacking Lua due to
> personal and medical reasons, however, things have finally stabilised and I
> have begun work on updating my patch collection to the latest version of
> Lua. I will have an update and a mega-patch to release soon... the patch is
> 4'ish patches in one, however, I do plan to break down all my hacks into
> discreet individual patches as well.

You have my permission (as does anyone else making a mega-patch too,
of course) to include any of my patches.[1] To this end, may I suggest the
named-library patch, which allows you to switch between compatible
libraries on the command line?

   lua -l json=dkjson myapp.lua
   lua -l json=rapidjson myapp.lua

The patch is a very recent, if not the most recent, addition to
[ the PowerPatches page].


[1] Not that my permission is needed, of course, but people tend to
be polite.