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> On Apr 22, 2017, at 10:23 AM, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
> I think Etiene has a very valid point here. Just because _I_ don't need
> it, does not mean that it is generally a bad idea. That said, if such a
> group/whatever will be created, I am willing to help.
> As for a name, I'd suggest "Lua Users Association", however.

My partner just pointed out to me that the acronym for the Lua Users
Association would also be LUA... perhaps the name could be "Lua²" for the
association? :)

I have not had much time in the past couple years for hacking Lua due to
personal and medical reasons, however, things have finally stabilised and I
have begun work on updating my patch collection to the latest version of
Lua. I will have an update and a mega-patch to release soon... the patch is
4'ish patches in one, however, I do plan to break down all my hacks into
discreet individual patches as well.

As I now have a lot of free time available I am very interested in
volunteering my time towards a Lua user group association in any capacity
that is needed. My main interest in Lua so far as been towards understanding
how it all works and hacking the codebase to add new features and extend the
language. Should an off-list discussion occur, or if another list is
started, please include me, thank you!

In another thread it was asked what is your favorite thing about Lua? I
would have to say the codebase itself, how once you start to grok the
codebase you can easily extend Lua itself, including creating your own
derivative language. This list is my second favorite thing about Lua, the
developers are easily accessible and I have seen some pretty enlightening
conversations about Lua take place here. I would like to see a user group
association work towards making Lua a more viable language for more people,
hopefully we can raise Lua higher than #26 on the TIOBE[1] ranking! :)

I have a few ideas I plan to work towards which I think could really help
those who have an interest in hacking Lua, or just in understanding how it
all works. I would be more than happy to participate in a Lua Users
Association and to make these resources I plan to create available via that