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Has something like the idea of a Lua Foundation ever come up?

The reason that I ask is because there seem to be many opportunities to explore, all of which require some kind of momentum to be formed or strict adherence to Lua's specific mission. As a result, many efforts feels like hearding cats or sounding like an unwanted extension to Lua itself. 

I believe that it might be good if some blessed governing forum exist for certain things to be decided, independently from the authors of Lua. I don't wish to speak for the authors, but I understand that they do not want the responsibility of managing a desktop eco-system for Lua, be an advocate to Linux distributors, bless a set of standard libraries, etc.

Since many people might choose to benefit from the results of some of these activities, it seems to me that if there is a desire to see Lua expand into more common use, while also letting Lua be Lua for those that like things more as they are, that this path would be a decent option to explore.