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2017-04-21 18:04 GMT+02:00 Andrew Starks <>:

> *I* believe that a "Foundation" serves three purposes:
> 1: To establish limitations and enforce them within its domain. This
> is the most important purpose and is the most difficult to get done by
> an unorganized community.
> 2: Create a space where projects and other efforts may be organized,
> decisions made and specific work accomplished.
> 3: Promote the adoption of Lua and the work within the foundation by
> making it more accessible.

>From a very old Reader's Digest, approximately:

Two men sitting next to each other on a plane from New York to Chicago
were having a casual conversation.

"What's bringing you to Chicago?" asked the first. The other replied:
"Foundation meeting."

"Really? I'm a foundation man myself! What's the name of yours?"

"The Lucretius B. DeVore Foundation for Desititute Musicians. And

The first man's face fell. "Mine's Playtex Girdles."