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I think the most valuable information for user is personal opinion.

For example I am Lua novice (but has experience in programming) and
I need JSON codec library. How many them are? 7, 70? Where can I see
list of them? What recommendations for their usage from experienced

>From user's point I prefer opinion like

  There about half dozen JSON codecs in LuaRocks. Package 'lua-cjson'
  is fastest but depends on C and have problems with decoding integers
  (they returned as floats). 'dkjson' is OK (but has spooky code).


  There are several JSON codecs. Some of them mentioned in work of
  Sun [<link to paper>]. You may find them via LuaRocks or in GitHub
  or via mentions in Lua mailing list or from Internet search engine.
  Each codec has specific features. Please consult their documentation.

It would be fine is there will be some voting for "best answer" as
in StackOverflow.

-- Side thoughts:

We're sick of buzzwords, bureaucracy and corporation ethics. So we're
aggroed by "foundation" word. We like implement things by ourselves.
Any of us has custom table pretty-printer. We do not want standards
here. Formatting styles, variable naming, programming idioms, OOP - we
do not want standards, we do not need them.

Qualified bare-bones community, this differs Lua from another
language ecosystems, can't say is it "good" or "bad".

Lua does not enforce you to any good or bad programming habits.
Can't say is it "good" or "bad" for novice that later starts
publishing untypical modules with exploiting table metamethods.

-- Martin