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On 04/16/2017 10:53 PM, Sol wrote:
> Sorry again, I mean:
>> Local communities already exist. Isolated and unfriendly. Do you think
>> this is the right way for the community EVOLUTION?
> Damned the GoogleTranslate :)
> (and - yes, I have a some trouble with english)

I don't completely understand you point. You wish to add Russian
version of Lua 5.3 Reference Manual? I consider this is a good thing.
But what further? Do you wish to separate community by native

Do you plan to translate all that nice English materials like
Lua FAQ by Steve Donovan ( ?

I think that if somebody was able to learn Lua he definitely is able
to learn English either.

And lets assume that some Burundi guy created some cool project.
With documentation and support completely in Swahili. Should we
assume that most community will learn Swahili just to read
documentation for this project?

Again, my position is support sharing any information about Lua,
especially in easily understandable forms. But I think creating
separated language-communities is a dead end.

-- Martin