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On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 9:57 AM, Martin <> wrote:
> On 04/16/2017 10:53 PM, Sol wrote:
>> Sorry again, I mean:
>>> Local communities already exist. Isolated and unfriendly. Do you think
>>> this is the right way for the community EVOLUTION?
>> Damned the GoogleTranslate :)
>> (and - yes, I have a some trouble with english)
> I don't completely understand you point. You wish to add Russian
> version of Lua 5.3 Reference Manual? I consider this is a good thing.
> But what further? Do you wish to separate community by native
> languages?
> Do you plan to translate all that nice English materials like
> Lua FAQ by Steve Donovan ( ?
> I think that if somebody was able to learn Lua he definitely is able
> to learn English either.
> And lets assume that some Burundi guy created some cool project.
> With documentation and support completely in Swahili. Should we
> assume that most community will learn Swahili just to read
> documentation for this project?

I see more and more projects on Github that I can't use just because
everything is in Chinese. I saw also a couple of projects with Spanish
only docs. I have never seen a project with Russian only docs. Let us
maintain this.

> Again, my position is support sharing any information about Lua,
> especially in easily understandable forms. But I think creating
> separated language-communities is a dead end.
> -- Martin

Best regards,
Boris Nagaev