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> I think it's a matter of seeing which projects we start moving, and
> who volunteers to their maintenance teams. LuaSocket and LuaExpat
> would be two obvious initial candidates.

Yes. Another candidate from Kepler I can think of may be Copas.

> I'm pretty swamped by the bunch of stuff that I already maintain so I
> won't joining maintenance of any new projects, but since I have admin
> access to the keplerproject org and we'll probably do some migrating,
> I volunteer to perform general account administrivia (again, in the
> spirit of the idea, we need at least one more admin, IMO preferrably
> someone outside of LabLua â?? Pierre?).

I have no problem with that, I guess the main thing admins
would do is add the right people to the right projects.

As for the name, I like the Planetarium suggestion but
sadly it is already taken on GitHub.