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On 21/02/2015 04:54, Hisham wrote:


-- Hisham

Really great analysis! Thank you very much for your commitment!

Unfortunately I haven't got the expertise nor the time to contribute, save for a suggestion for the name of the team:

*The Planetarium Team*


* It's astronomy-related, so in the spirit of many Lua names!

* It conveys the idea that the team has to do with a collection of astral bodies (the modules/projects).

* It's acronym wouldn't be bad (TPT - pronounced tee-pee-tee - not too bad even for non native english speakers).

* The term "Planetarium" comes direct from Latin, thus it conveys an idea of universality (at least in the Western culture).

* The term "Planetarium" could be a nice candidate as a technical term for a repository of Lua-related "things", like modules, snippets or whatever (funny no-one came up with that before - but I stand to be corrected).

* It's different (I mean, no one has used it yet in the Lua ecosystem, if I'm not mistaken).

* It's easy to remember (hence the possible derived names for websites, accounts, etc.)

* It's cool (YMMV :-)

Cheers and keep up the good job!

-- Lorenzo