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Monday, October 6, 2014, 9:09:42 AM, you wrote:

> I know this is off topic (but closely related to my original intent,
> if not my specific quesstion), but my problem is that my real job is
> management, and I only write code once in a while, but when I do, it's
> generally something that I put together for a group of people to use,
> and none of them have Lua installed.

> My current little project is a log analyzer for profiling a system.
> Longer term, we're going to implement something that's standard and
> robust, but short term, it seemed like a really good idea to provide a
> command line parser that would enable them to profile things using the
> logs by inserting a few simple directives that my script could use to
> build a report for developers and testers.

> Anyway, all of a sudden, I realized that once again I'm in the
> situation of needing to distribute it to 15 or 20 people, and really
> don't want to have to have them manage half a dozen different files.
> In the meantime, since the last time I did something like this, I've
> gotten a new laptop, didn't have everything installed, and spent more
> time trying to get a means of distributing it working (before I gave
> up) than I did working on the project itself. Between projects, I just
> forget all the steps, and there really doesn't seem to be anything
> that "just works". I had LuaDist working once before, but couldn't get
> that going in an hour or so of fiddling, so I ended up just sending
> all the files to the first 4 people who'll be using it, and hopefully
> I can get back to getting LuaDist going in a day or so, by the time
> the "enhancement" suggestions come back from the beta testers.

> Sorry for the long-winded version, but it's all just to say that it
> wouldn't really be such a big problem if I worked on this stuff
> regularly, but the gaps just make the hurdle something I have to cross
> every once in a while, and what I've forgotten in the meantime makes
> it all very hard to pull together when I need something quickly, so I
> really wish it were easier to do...

> On the flip side, of course, when I think how spectacular it is to
> have all this stuff available for free, I feel pretty low for even
> bringing it up, so I'll add that I hope it's taken in the spirt of
> wishing to improve things, not complaining...

> Mark

And sorry for the top post, but I was more replying to the subject
(since I started it) than I was to Steve or Jay's content - and a
message to Steve and Jay made some sense to me, since it's the stuff
they did that makes the LuaDist tool possible... And I'm very grateful
for that, because I've used it several times to distribute some very
useful tools to quite a few people in situations that required a quick
fix to a problem...