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As an additional plug, if you have a modern C++11 compiler, you're
encouraged to check out Selene [1]. I used it for pretty much exactly
what you're doing. I recommend not using the native C api because you
give up type safety and keeping track of the stack can be a headache.
A good binding library will let the compiler do the work for you.


On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 11:13 AM, Camilo Bravo Valdés
<> wrote:
>> I would like a recommendation from someone with experience for a higher level wrapping API.
> In my experience, luabind is a pain. True, it supports almost any
> conceivable feature of C++, so you don't need to change your API too
> much in order to expose it to Lua, but it relies on Boost and that
> means compiling your program will be a looooooong process.
> I'm very happy with LuaBridge [1]. It doesn't support as many features
> as luabind (e.g. no overloaded functions), but it's dependency-free
> and fast to compile.
> [1]
> -- Camilo