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Hello everyone,

My name is Germán Diago. Nice to meet you.

I would like to ask some questions, since we are about to adopt some form of scripting language for developing a (not too complex, but not really simple either) game.

My use case is for exposing to designers a small part of my API and giving control about level design and some triggers and events. The game will be a puzzle game.
The game will run, at least, in iOS and Android.

Here my questions:

- Is it recommended to compile lua directly with my sources?
- Does any restriction in iOS or Android when using lua?
- I would like a recommendation from someone with experience for a higher level wrapping API. For now I am considering more than the others luabind, but I would like to have an informed opinion. Top priority here is that it takes me little effort to wrap the API, since I am, for now, the only developer and I cannot put much time on this.

Actually, I was looking into guile as my 1st option. It has _javascript_ + scheme (lua is supposed to be in progress also), since I like scheme quite a bit. But I am not sure about how this would play with designers. Since I asked and obtained no reply, I think I will adopt lua since it is the de facto standard for games.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,