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> My use case is for exposing to designers a small part of my API and giving
> control about level design and some triggers and events. The game will be a
Simple API/jail for designers is still a must.
> - Is it recommended to compile lua directly with my sources?
You have to static link on iPhone, on Android does not matter.
> - I would like a recommendation from someone with experience for a higher
Lua C API is immediate productivity, gets tiresome in bigger projects.
Something with steep learning curve pays off more later on.
> a bit. But I am not sure about how this would play with designers. Since I
> asked and obtained no reply, I think I will adopt lua since it is the de
> facto standard for games.
And on mobile it's also usual to write _most_ of the game in Lua as there
are huge frameworks for portability and native mobile APIs already.
Don't reinvent the wheel unless you have something really cool up your
sleeve, google the proper terms first.