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Hi Steve Donovan,

Thank you for saying like that.

I found a similar QnA from stackoverflow[1]

So now I can see that I need to find design patterns for lua. Not GoF.
I have 1 more question. Once I've drawn a diagram below.

|-- 0_hard_wired
`-- 1_stored_programming
    |-- 0_binary_code
    |-- 1_asmbly
    |-- 2_imperative_programming
    |   |-- 0_procedural_programming
    |   |   |-- BASIC
    |   |   |-- C
    |   |   `-- FORTRAN
    |   `-- 1_object_oriented_programming
    |       |-- Java
    |       `-- SmallTalk
    `-- 3_declarative_programming
        |-- 0_functional_programming
        |   |-- erlang
        |   `-- haskel
        `-- 1_logic_programming

It's copied from wikipedia - old one now I can't find same diagram from it.
Can I place Lua under declarative programming?
I mean, is dynamic language the declarative programming?

Thank you always.


Journeyer J. Joh
o o s a p r o g r a m m e r
a t
g m a i l  d o t  c o m

2014-02-27 21:04 GMT+09:00 steve donovan <>:
On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 1:03 PM, Journeyer J. Joh
<> wrote:
> When I first saw OO, I felt OO is the one I can do everything only if I can
> I understand what you are trying to say now.
> I even feel sorry for you because you wrote too much to me spending your
> expensive time.

Don't worry about us - we do this because we enjoy writing about this
stuff, plus it will be useful for others searching the list archives.

Sean's koan is great - there is no single great thing.  A wise
programmer knows when to pick up a screwdriver and when to pick up a
hammer.  A big problem with Java is that its designers decided that
hammers would solve all problems.