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It was thus said that the Great Journeyer J. Joh once stated:
> Hi Javier Guerra Giraldez,
> I agree that GoF patterns are not 100% useful in Lua.
> When I study GoF in C++, GoF patterns were not the best SW design in C++
> either.

  It might be helpful to know that Design Patterns was written based on the
experiences that the GoF gained in programming in Smalltalk.  Any references
to C++ (or even Java) is just simple pandering to those programmers (okay,
that last bit is my opinion---I also subscribe to the notion that design
patterns are workarounds of a language deficiency).  

> Implementing GoF is only a means for me to study OO style programming in
> Lua. By this study, I'd like to find better design in Lua. Like I found
> generic Bridge pattern for C++.

  You can also write Lua in a functional style (you don't get lazy
evaluation, but neither do you have multiple inherentance), which I feel is
worth looking into.