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On 25 Feb, 2014, at 13:48 , Jayanth Acharya <> wrote:

> Thanks Peter.
> Would installing the downloaded LuaDist binary release play well with the latest (0.40) of Zerobrane Studio ? I'd definitely like to use the latest ZBS. Often times, I work without being connected to the network, so having the pre-downloaded binary release come to rescue would be good thing. If ZBS can recognize that a LuaDist package is available locally (not downloaded via the plugin), and use it instead, would be great.

Sure that is doable.

Add the attached luadist.lua file into your ZBS/interpreters/ path and edit the default LuaDist install location as needed. Alternatively you can set LUADIST_PATH environment variable. Doing this should result in a clean LuaDist batteries installed with up to date ZBS. 

Note that this disables ZBS LUA_PATH/LUA_CPATH manipulation entirely so some features ZBS may require that are not included in LuaDist might be not functional. I tested this quickly and debugging seems to be working fine with the mobdebug package already included in LuaDist binaries.

Hopefully this will be work for you.


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