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Getting back to Lua after a gap of few months, in the interim my primary PC got trashed and I am setting up my Lua development environment on Windows 7 (64bit EE, if it matters), afresh. Thanks to the gap, and lack of practise, I'm effectively back to square one, so might ask few naive questions.

Before I stopped working on Lua, I had switched from LfW to LuaDist, and was using ZBS as IDE, almost exclusively. In the interim, I believe a ZBS release has enabled on-the-fly installation of missing LuaDist packages ('batteries'). Also, I had to resort to some tricks to get LuaDist and ZBS working together. This brings me to the questions --

What is the recommended 'least painful' way to setup LuaDist with ZBS, afresh. I have already downloaded the LuaDist windows binary and ZBS, but before installing, wanted to check.