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On 25 Feb, 2014, at 13:03 , Jayanth Acharya <> wrote:

> Getting back to Lua after a gap of few months, in the interim my primary PC got trashed and I am setting up my Lua development environment on Windows 7 (64bit EE, if it matters), afresh. Thanks to the gap, and lack of practise, I'm effectively back to square one, so might ask few naive questions.
> Before I stopped working on Lua, I had switched from LfW to LuaDist, and was using ZBS as IDE, almost exclusively. In the interim, I believe a ZBS release has enabled on-the-fly installation of missing LuaDist packages ('batteries'). Also, I had to resort to some tricks to get LuaDist and ZBS working together. This brings me to the questions --
> What is the recommended 'least painful' way to setup LuaDist with ZBS, afresh. I have already downloaded the LuaDist windows binary and ZBS, but before installing, wanted to check.

Hello Jayanth,
There are multiple ways to do so.

If you do not mind an older version of ZBS then there is one already integrated in the LuaDist binaries release (/bin/zbstudio.exe) which should work out of the box when downloaded from In this case you can install packages using the /bin/luadist tool.

The second recommended way is to use the current ZBS release and add a LuaDist[1] plugin to it. That will allow you to install most modules you need directly from ZBS console.



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