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On 25 February 2014 06:51, Ico <> wrote:
> For debugging, I usually have separate Lua version around from which I simple
> replaced the OP_TAILCALL part from the vm by a regular OP_CALL. Using this Lua
> binary for reproducing the problem results in full stack traces, which is
> usually enough to pinpoint the problem. The problem is that this requires
> restarting the application, which often interferes with debugging because the
> application state from the time of the error is reset.
> Are there other people out there who are having issues with tail call stack
> traces, and if so, how dow you handle this in real life debugging?

I do the same as you: I have separate interpreters with tail calls
disabled. When I run into problems and need a full traceback, I re-run
the program with the alternative interpreter. For my development
scenarios that is usually enough...

Just chiming in to say that this is not an unusual thing to do.

-- Hisham