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Am 26.02.2014 09:53 schröbte Thijs Schreijer:
Well, you could do something like this:

      return notail( func( x, y, z ) )

where `notail` is

      function notail( ... )
        return ...

Didn't test it, but I don't think this would work. The original call remains a tail call which remains indistinguishable, and now there is one more level on the stack, but they all point to 'notail' which is also indistinguishable. So back to square one...
Or am I missing something?

The call to `notail` is a tailcall, but that's ok because it is only one level deep, and it is unlikely to cause an error, so it will never show up in a stack trace. `notail`s arguments are evaluated before that, so there can't be a tail call involved there (unless your compiler does function inlining). It also works in practice, I tested it before posting.

Some preprocessor magic could do the trick I think.

Disabling it is easy by piping your code through the C preprocessor (`#define notail( x ) x`), but adding the `notail` calls in the first place is more difficult. I'd probably do that manually using a vim macro.