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2013/11/26 Pierre Chapuis <>:

> You can atually require parts of LuaRocks in your program
> if you want, I do it in Lua Toolbox [1].

I can see these:

…/luarocks$ ls
add.lua           fetch.lua          manif_core.lua     search.lua
admin_remove.lua  fs                 manif.lua          show.lua
build             fs.lua             new_version.lua    site_config.lua
build.lua         help.lua           pack.lua           tools
cache.lua         index.lua          path.lua           type_check.lua
cfg.lua           install.lua        persist.lua        unpack.lua
command_line.lua  lint.lua           purge.lua          util.lua
deps.lua          list.lua           refresh_cache.lua  validate.lua
dir.lua           loader.lua         remove.lua
download.lua      make.lua           repos.lua
fetch             make_manifest.lua  require.lua

There is no official documentation. That to my mind means
that the maintainer does not promise anything about what
the modules do: everything is "implementation detail".