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On 23 November 2013 12:12, luciano de souza <> wrote:
> I have downloaded Gumbo and looking at example, I felt it's really
> simple and what I want.
> However, I am not a C program and I don't know how to deal with GCC.
> Becose of this limitation, unfortunately, perhaps, for me, a rock
> seems to be crucial.
> If there is a simple commandline to type, it's possible that I get to
> install ...

It's not as simple as it could be at the moment. I'll create a rock
very soon, although it'll still require that you have the Gumbo
library installed.

Google only made the Gumbo code public a few months back, so it's
probably not available as a distro package yet, but the
instructions[1] are quite easy to follow.

> if I need to edit some configuration files, looking at my
> past atempts, I don't know if I will able to do.

You won't need to edit any configs, but you will need to install a
long list of bootstrap dependencies until Google do a proper release
(which is planned).

>From memory, this should be all you need:

  sudo apt-get install automake autoconf libtool gcc make pkg-config wget

Then you can do:

  tar xzf master.tar.gz
  cd gumbo-parser-master

and follow the readme[1] from there.


If that sounds like too much trouble, it might be best to wait a while
for a package+rock.