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2013/9/17 Sean Conner <>

  Another thing I've found (by doing Lua bindings by hand) is that a
mechanical approach really doesn't make for good Lua bindings.  Such a
mechanial approach to syslog() would end up with:

        syslog(5,string.format("The foo is %s",status))

Or ...

        LOG_NOTICE = 5
        syslog(LOG_NOTICE,string.format("The foo is %s",status))


        syslog("LOG_NOTICE",string.format("The foo is %s",status))

Doing it by hand, I did [1]:

        syslog('notice',"The foo is %s",status)

which is MUCH nicer (IMHO) than other syslog() interfaces for Lua I've seen.



It's true. I tried to map some OpenGL functions into Lua. It requires really flexible discretion to decide among multiple return, or return in tuple; vararg, or table argument, or merge several functions into a single Lua API. Not a mechanic approach being able to handle.