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> and now with 5.3 close it feels like a huge risk to migrate.

I wouldn't say that 5.3 is anywhere close. We have released a work version,
which is just that.

Consider the release history of 5.2.0:
	2010-01-08 lua-5.2.0-work1.tar.gz
	2010-11-23 lua-5.2.0-alpha.tar.gz
	2011-07-08 lua-5.2.0-beta.tar.gz
	2011-12-12 lua-5.2.0.tar.gz

That's almost two years since the first work version to the final release.

I'm not saying 5.3 will take more or less time than this, but it certainly
is too soon to say how close 5.3 is.

So, I think *now* is the time to migrate to 5.2 if you want to.

Note that all features deprecated in 5.2 will be removed in 5.3,
which may make migration harder. Lua 5.2 is better on this point
because compatibility is not turned on by default in luaconf.h,
only in the Makefile. So, if you build it manually, it won't have
deprecated features and this will help you migrate.