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2013/7/19 petah <>:
> Maybe there's another solution, f.ex. "detecting Lua integer vs number" would deserve an entry in a feature request web page -> duly noted -> moving on.

I think that's a good idea. Another open source project, PuTTY, has a
comprehensive wishlist on its websites listing all requests, bug
fixing and new features. Of particular interest is the sub-section
"Non-wish list" in the "Pending" section, which lists all feature
requests that the authors don't want to implement. But even for more
reasonnable requests, all are classified with a category (bug,
semi-bug, wish), a difficulty (fun, tricky, taxing, mayhem) and a
priority (high, medium, low).

Of course a graphical terminal application is very different from a
programming language (and its interpreter), but I believe Lua could
use such a comprehensive request list, as an authoritative source for
reasons why things are not (or not yet) implemented. Of course this
represent a significant amount of work to maintain such a list, but
the existing Lua bug list page is a good starting point.