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On 19/07/13 16:58, Coda Highland wrote:
> I've always been a fan of this page:
> /s/ Adam

I gave myself the task of learning Lua just a couple of weeks ago. I
came to Lua through via the games at and
quickly realised that Lua is a LOAD more useful than simply as a game
scripting tool. In fact, although I'm still a noob, I've read through
PiL and the manual and, imho, Lua's design is fantastic.

Back to the point, I got very quickly up-and-running with Lua with this

While not the best-written of articles, I found it an excellent way to
very quickly understand the core concepts. Followed up with a read
through PiL and the manual, I think I'm relatively up to speed. At least
enough that lurking on this list for the last couple of weeks hasn't
thrown up anything that's seemed beyond my grasp :)

To the other point about splitting the list - again with the caveat that
I'm new here - imo the volume and content of the list suits me fine. I'm
very happy with a fairly equal mix of questions, language design
suggestions, and discussion. The level of trolling seems about right too ;)

Nice to join a list that doesn't seem an impenetrable clique.