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On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 6:57 AM, Jay Carlson <> wrote:

The cheapest thing I can think of is to link to the lua-users wiki from each segment of the online manuals. "The wiki may have more information on string.gsub." I don't know if this would be used, but it incurs little cost or commitment at the side. Indexing into PiL is more difficult for a number of reasons, unfortunately.

I suggested something similar a few months ago. It differed mainly in that in my concept, it would not be the main Reference Manual, but a copy that could be annotated, perhaps best done with each manual section a separate page that allows moderated comments. The hardest part I foresee is transferring the comments when a new 0.1 Lua release arrives with a new manual. 

I do not doubt that the Reference Manual is great for those who are experienced programmer's in some other language(s). But it's not so great for those with no or only moderate programming experience (I fit in that category when I first got acquainted with Lua). That's the target audience I see as being most helped by an annotated version of the manual that has links to related wiki pages, etc.   

Luiz, I think the page is an excellent beginning. It might be embellished with a link to wiki's directory page, <>, which has the first link entitled "Learning Lua." 

I was also going to suggest linking the Embedding section to a corresponding wiki page, but I didn't find one. Does anyone know of such a page somewhere? 

Best regards,