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Em 19-07-2013 08:44, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo escreveu:
To ressurect an old thread:

Does the Lua web site need a page "Getting Started with Lua",
along the lines of  ?

I've tried again and wrote the page below

but I'm not sure I can find the right tone or level of detail, nor whether
that page is indeed useful, or whether Google and the site map are enough:

I welcome suggestions, including "no, we don't need this". Thanks.


I need to learn Lua quickly and I searched a book about Lua
like Accelerated C++(Koenig) or Effective C++(Meyers) but I not found
an Accelerated Lua (for gamer developers... uhuuuu!!!).

I ordered on Amazon site The Programming in Lua 3ed (Ierusalimschy) and
I'm reading the language reference 5.2 but I feel a huge lack of some more
pragmatic approach to learning.

My introduction to language 4 days ago was this nice little tutorial
"The Crash course to the Lua" ( and
I liked of a simple project to see some code