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On 10/07/2013 21.38, Jay Carlson wrote:
On Jul 9, 2013, at 11:23 AM, Lorenzo Donati wrote:

I admit I could have been utterly mislead, though - I've some 4000
unread lua-l posts in my mailbox - over past 2 yrs :-).

I just switched to Mac OS X 10.7. This messed up my mail-reading. I just
realized the "delete" issue had already been worked through several days
before I posted about it.

I've attached a picture of what happens when you get dragged away from
Lua for long periods of time:

That's scary! :-)

The first message is dated 2006-09-27. In my defense, I will mark a
message as "unread" if I didn't really understand it and need to read

Note that lhf said the 100,000th message was in 2013-05.

lua-l traffic has really increased lately and it's become harder to read all posts (even those I didn't understand - food for thought anyway) as I was able to do just a couple of years ago. Too few real-time available! :-)


-- Lorenzo

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