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-- Hisham

On 9 July 2013 12:23, Joseph Manning <> wrote:
> On 2013-Jul-08 (Mon) at 09:01 (+0200), David Demelier wrote:
>>> 2013/7/7 Luis Carvalho <>:
>>> >
>>> > isinteger = function(x)
>>> >   return type(x) == "number" and not math.isfloat(x)
>>> > end
>>> Since this is very short, I don't see any objections about integrating
>>> into the Lua core instead of writing it each time :-). Also there is
>>> math.isfloat() why not math.isinteger?
>>> Much cleaner, much convenient
> Seconded!
> Rather than being bloat, to me it would *enhance* the simplicity
> of Lua to have this convenience and symmetry, rather than having
> to remember which one of 'isfloat' / 'isinteger' comes builtin,
> and which one needs to be derived.

Random suggestion: how about a single function math.type() that
returns the number subtype, "float" or "integer"?

At the risk of over-engineering, it also occurs to me that some
libraries may want to know whether they're running with 32 or 64 bit
ints or floats. This function could return that info as well, perhaps
as a second return value.

-- Hisham