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On 06/07/2013 15.10, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
So 13/4 gives 3.25 and 13//4 gives 3. Also, 12/4 gives 3.0 and 12//4 gives 3.

>Also, does the integer support need any special build-time flag/option
>to enable?
No. And it cannot be disabled either.

So, for best efficiency, I guess programmers will have to be careful to avoid unnecessary int -> fp conversions (assuming they are slow on 64-bit machines... I'm not really up to date).

Suppose I read a large number of values (some integer, some not) from a text file into a table and then perform extensive computations on them. Should I multiply each value by 1.0 (or add 0.0), to pre-convert all of them to fp, to avoid slowing down the following computations compared to Lua 5.2?

A doubt: does math.floor return an fp value or an integer?
(the manual could be interpreted as the latter)

Lastly, I see no bit64 ops in the manual; will they come?

[I may have missed most of the discussion leading to integer support; I apologize if this has already been discussed]