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On 06/10/2013 12:01 AM, wrote:
I see now that the web server is in C (uhttpd) and only Luci is in Lua.
My current plan is to try shellinabox. It is a standalone C app and I
should be able to use it in an iframe.

It should be fairly easy to extend uhttpd to provide a simple HTTP form into which you can type Lua, send it off, execute, and return any output for display in the browser (and also make use of various Lua APIs provided by OpenWRT to control your box) -- security considerations aside, obviously. It could be done almost no additional memory/storage requirements if you're already running Luci. The same for any server that has a Lua "handler" or API option.

A full-blown interpreter that remembers state from one request to the next might be a bit more work however.

-- David