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I see now that the web server is in C (uhttpd) and only Luci is in Lua.
My current plan is to try shellinabox. It is a standalone C app and I
should be able to use it in an iframe.

On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 9:16 PM, Jorge <> wrote:
> On 08/06/13 19:39, wrote:
> Is there anything similar in the Lua world? I'm running Luci on
> OpenWRT. It would be neat to incorporate a web terminal into Luci.
> Not a terminal, but my multitask environment for Lua,
> , comes with a toy http server with support
> for websockets, and a simple lua shell that can be accessed from a sample
> http page :)
> Just run the tests/test-http-server.lua, and point your browser to
> localhost:8080/shell.html
> The shell can be also accessed over a plain socket, obviously, but I could
> not find a telnet signaling libray in pure Lua, nor have i looked how
> complicated is that.
> Lumen works pretty good under OpenWRT, as it can run only depending on
> nixio, which is the library behind luci. I use it pretty a lot.
> It's not what you need, but you could pick some bits from there. Personally,
> I will be watching this thread closely :)
> Jorge

Jon Smirl