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On Wed, 15 May 2013 15:23:57 +0200
Wolfgang Pupp <> wrote:

> Steve Litt wrote:
> > Serious bummer. When you copy from the PDF version and paste into a
> > text file, the result is gibberish characters.
> If complaining to FeistyDuck won't make them remove this "anti-piracy
> scheme" (or whatever this is supposed to achieve), you could always
> try to convert the mobi format to pdf with e.g. Calibre
> ( Or use Calibre to directly read the
> mobi-format.
> --Wolfgang

I did that, Wolfgang, and copying and pasting from the ePub version as
viewed by Calibre works reasonably well (some extra indentation,but
it's uniform). Thanks for the tip.

You mention complaining to Feistyduck. Any idea how to complain to such
an entity?



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