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On Wed, 15 May 2013 20:43:57 -0300
Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:

> > I got the gibberish symptom on both Evince and Acroread, so if it's
> > a reader issue, it's a common reader issue.
> My copy seems to work OK, both with evince and acroread (Ubuntu). It
> only loses the identation:
> a = "one string"
> b = string.gsub(a, "one", "another") -- change string parts
> print(a) --> one string
> print(b) --> another string
> -- Roberto

Thanks Roberto,

Mine acts like yours when I use Firefox to read it, but with both
evince and Ubuntu it gives gibberish, with xpdf all PDFs segfault
(obviously not the book's fault), and none of my other readers can copy
and paste -- they're pixels only.

Anyway, a programming book should work copy and paste with all major
readers, indentation included. Indentation's pretty important in
determining the original programmer's intent. If you have any pull with
these guys, could you please ask them to fix this? I'll be glad to
cooperate with them in reproducing the symptom.

Meanwhile, although I don't like using ePub readers on a desktop
computer, I can, and using Calibre's ePub reader, the ePub copies and
pastes well, *including* indentation.

As far as the content of the book, It's OUTSTANDING! I've already
learned things about Lua that years of use and hanging out on the
mailing list didn't teach me.



Steve Litt                *
Troubleshooting Training  *  Human Performance