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On Feb 9, 2013, at 10:28 PM, Paul K <> wrote:

> Hi Hadriel,
>> quickly, but the '-' pattern command is evil... and seemingly unnecessary since it
>> duplicates '*'. (I assume '-' must have come first in some old Lua version)
> It's not evil ;); it's different from '*'. It makes matching
> non-greedy (same as adding ? to a pattern does in Perl).
> ("<foo>bar</foo>"):match("<.*>") returns "<foo>bar</foo>", but
> ("<foo>bar</foo>"):match("<.->") return "<foo>".
> I'd say just use '*' by default (because this is what's needed most of
> the time), but when you need to match the shortest sequence, use '-'.

Ah, right you are, missed that... because using a '*?' for that would be crazy talk. ;)