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On 9/02/2013 3:10 AM, Joseph Manning wrote:
"Perl-ise" o.O You gotta be kidding. That's the only language you know
>with != ?
No, sorry, I was not very clear -- many other languages indeed use "!=",
but I was referring to Perl's "there's more than one way to do it" style

That makes much more sense. Apologies for jumping to conclusions. Perl has that effect on me (more so than ~=, /=, or <> I might add).

Reminds me of the time that I spent an afternoon helping a friend debug their Perl script. String formatting was behaving weirdly.

It turned out that he was using a 3rd party module that had changed the meaning of the comma operator. The module hadn't reset it to the default behavior before returning, causing all kinds of havoc.

I never looked at Perl again.