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> 2012/5/3 [ex] <>:
>> Yes, of course Killa is my personal project right now and it's not
>> ready for game production,
>> if we plan to make games with Killa we'll probably start from zero.
>> There are no Lua libraries I think we would not live without or
>> translate and I want to add classes in the future.
> Er, sure, if you never intend to do much with it, and don't expect
> anybody else to adopt it, then no worries... :]

yeah, I understand, it's not only the braces, there are already some
changes that make Killa code
not compatible with Lua and things are going to change probably more.

>> To ease the pain of translating existing Lua code I added warnings to
>> potentially dangerous functions like table.insert(t, index), etc.
> That isn't likely to help much...

About the base index 1 I think I was more interested on using already
working C++/Javascript code
in Killa than using Lua code in Killa, but I know this is a personal
preference of mine (and some other programmers)
I can't hope to convince you to use index base zero if you already
like index base 1, you are in your right.
What I say is you can change the source code of Killa and use base 1
if you want, that is something Lua didn't allow to do easily.
Anyway I'm sure there are bugs and missing parts there because I
couldn't possible test all the cases.

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