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"[ex]" <> writes:
> indeed my studio was evaluating to use a game engine that used it as
> a scritpting language. Two things, the source code is very different
> to Lua and integrating it in an engine that already uses Lua is not
> so simple, I'm not saying it's difficult to integrate Squirrel, just
> saying it's different to Lua. Killa can be embedded in game engines
> that already support Lua with minimal effort

If that's your intent, the difference in array indexing (0-based
vs. 1-based) in Killa seems likely to cause heartache...

That's why simple syntax changes ({ } vs. end, "self" vs. "this", etc)
seem _far_ more innocuous than semantic changes (array indices):
restricting yourself to the former would allow a vastly greater amount
of re-use of existing Lua infrastructure -- libraries, both C and Lua
[could have multiple frontends to handle the latter], binding
generators, etc -- but once you start changing semantics, you're
pretty much on your own...


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