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On 24.11.2011 16:55, Hisham wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 12:42 PM, Javier Guerra Giraldez

>> also, how can i tell luarocks that i already have something installed,
>> not from a rock but as a standard module?
> I can add that to the wishlist: I could add a feature to allow you to
> tell LuaRocks that a given version of a given rock doesn't need to be
> fetched as a dependency (and it would be up to the user to ensure the
> version is properly installed and compatible), but that's as far as
> one could go.
> Would that be desirable?
> Detecting what is installed in the system is impossible, due to the
> lack of standardized versioning in modules.

My proposal: let the luarocks call a hook to check if the given
dependency is satisfied on the current system, or try to install native
package forst, like:

function isInstalled(packagename, version)
  return false
function installNativePackage(packagename, version)
  return false

Then it would be the distro maintaners' (or just system's owner)
responsibility to return this information using their local packages
repository - using rpm, apt-get, pacman etc.