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On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 12:29:58PM -0200, Hisham wrote:

> > Indeed; anything for which there are only instructions for installation
> > using LuaRocks normally gets skipped by me.
> I'd like to take the opportunity to request some criticism so I can
> try to improve the tool.

I already have two package managers on my system (dpkg and tar); I'd
like to avoid a third.  Past experiences of LuaRocks have probably put
me off it for life.  I don't want to have to install stuff as root if
it's just for my self, and it was never obvious how to do this.  I've
found the tool unreliable in the past, giving oblique errors.  Broadly
speaking, I've found the documentation to be lacking.  It's never been
clear to me how to do simple things like installing multiple rocks at
the same time.

Now, some of these issues may have been resolved, but I have no wish to
find out.

An ideal tool for me would be something that took a rockspec and spat
out a native package (ie, a .deb or .rpm, etc)