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On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 8:24 AM, Jorge <> wrote:
> On the XO that usually
> means Python, but "first programs" written in Python tend to be
> extremely ugly, for some reason. So i wrote Butialo, a Lua IDE for the
> XO laptop

nice.  i've given my daugher her Sugar on a Stick (the XO environment
in a bootable flash disk); she uses it to play on any computer she
gets hold on.  still doesn't realize that some of the 'games' are
programming environments ;-)

i'll start with my blog-essays soon; but don't think they'll be too
kid-friendly, as i think that analogies and metaphors might be
acceptable for introduction, but not for understanding.

in the rough drafts that are already rounding my head i'm making a
point of being accessible and (hopefully) friendly; but in the end, i
intend to have every concept precisely defined.  for example, i might
start saying that function arguments are what one part of the program
'tells' the other; but in the end, i'll state that it's a rebinding of
values to new, private variables.

tl;dr: thanks for the motivation!