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On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 11:46 AM, Jorge <> wrote:
> What i'd personally love, would be a book aimed at high-school level
> students. Stress would not be on data modeling (OOP and stuff), but on
> algorithm writing and problem solving. Something like a Pascal book 20
> years ago. For people with no previous programming background, have to
> start at what a "variable" is.
> Ah, and in spanish. Have i hope?

i'd love to do something like that.   writing answers on StackOverflow
i've found that i enjoy explaining things; but feel that a book means
a lot more than my communications abilities.

still, having something published would be an incredible boost to my
ego, even if only printed on demand and without any earnings.  what
you put here seems to fall within my field of expertise, so maybe i'll
dustoff my blog and start writing in small essay style, with the hope
of someday joining it all in a readable (bookable?) PDF.

something like SICP but without the Scheme basis, maybe with
'pluggable' sections using Lua, Python, C examples.  (no, not in the
tone of LxTHW)

finally, i had never thought of that; but it wouldn't be extra work to
do it simultaneously in spanish and english.