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On 11-10-12 03:04 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
And beside, why do I have to buy a book written by a Brazilian
guy from Amazon, shipped from USA !?!? It is a bit crazy... :(
Because Ligthning Source is in the USA. There is no similar service here
in Brazil. (There are print-on-demand companies in Brazil, but they only
sell the book through their own sites. Moreover, big bookstores here in
Brazil do not sell self-published books.)

-- Roberto

With Canada being so close to the US, this idea has little value here but I would be happy to stock 5 or 10 pil books here on this side of the border. I have a credit card merchant account to process transactions with.

Perhaps if others could do this sort of thing in countries further from the US it would help with distribution.

Steve, again if you wrote a book, I could do the same for you-Patrick