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Daniel Hertrich wrote:

> If you are interested, you can have a look at my homepage:
> I also had the idea to add email support (SMTP, maybe POP3, maybe
> IMAP4) to NoteCase Pro via Lua, mainly at first to quickly being able
> to send out information vial email, which has been generated and
> stored in the outliner, but of course the idea quickly grew and -
> being an outliner - NoteCase Pro would be a quite good GUI for a
> simple complete email client.

For your goal it might be worthwhile not to target email, but rather
posting and reading to and from a simpler protocol like eg. (simplified)
HTTP.  Then "notecase" would use that a canonical go-between or adaptor.
The host could email what an application sends, but also classify or
store it, thus taking load and complexity of "notecase".  There are many
standard tools for handling emails, why put that particular protocol
into a specialized application?