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On Sep 21, 2011, at 12:38 AM, clemens fischer wrote:

> According to RFC-5322 a "Message-ID" contains the string including the
> angle brackets.

Hmmm... somewhere near the end of "3.6.4.  Identification Fields":

"Semantically, the angle bracket characters are not part of the msg-id; the msg-id is what is contained between the two angle bracket characters."

Also... RFC 5256 (aka IMAP SORT and THREAD Extensions) mention the following:

Note: "Message ID" in the following description refers to a
            normalized form of the msg-id in [RFC2822].  The actual text
            in RFC 2822 may use quoting, resulting in multiple ways of
            expressing the same Message ID.  Implementations of the
            REFERENCES threading algorithm MUST normalize any msg-id in
            order to avoid false non-matches due to differences in

            For example, the msg-id
            and the msg-id
            MUST be interpreted as being the same Message ID.