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a bizarre idea came to my mind: instead of relying on an email client,
I would like
to construct my own email system by assembling together existing code
LuaPOP3, etc). It would not be a full fledged email client (and
probably would have
only a very limited, text-based UI, at best). Something along the
lines of Mail Handler.
I would need it for ordinary email operations, nothing complex. And IMAP4 is
not needed at all.

The idea would be to reproduce, in Lua, something similar to Mail Handler, but
probably much simpler.
As far as I know, no such system has been constructed in Lua yet
(please correct
me if I am wrong), but from what I understand it would not be too
difficult to put it
together starting with Lua programs which provide SMTP and POP3
Once cobbled together, I would be running an email system similar to
Mail Handler and nmh.

Could you please give me some suggestions as to the best way to implement such
a system (possibly, by storing each email as a separate file on the disk)?
Would it be very difficult to put together, starting from the
components already available?
Is anyone interested in such a system? Anyone willing to cooperate?
Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you