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Hi all,

I am Lua-programming for the NoteCase Pro outliner (it uses Lua as its
scripting language).
WIth Lua scripts, I have added quite a lot of new features to NoteCase
Pro, planning to release those scripts and script collections as
plugins soon.

If you are interested, you can have a look at my homepage:

I also had the idea to add email support (SMTP, maybe POP3, maybe
IMAP4) to NoteCase Pro via Lua, mainly at first to quickly being able
to send out information vial email, which has been generated and
stored in the outliner, but of course the idea quickly grew and -
being an outliner - NoteCase Pro would be a quite good GUI for a
simple complete email client.

But SMTP functionality would be the first goal.

Let's keep in touch about this. For me it could take some months until
I can begin my work on this, but as soon as I get somewhere, I will be
glad to share experiences and code with you guys.