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PS. I know that this is a developer point of view, which is far from
(mostly Windows/MacOS) user point of view. But the single developer
cannot afford supporting every user like Microsoft/Apple can (if they
do, anyways).

Yup. And even for Mac OS X one can select something like support for minimum OS version back to 10.4 (it uses a little bit different dylibs)

So if one has to count the number of variations for all platforms/runtimes/etc. that would be enourmous.

Unlike Stefan's project which is Java based, and the bytecode is the same for all platforms, and distributing .jar file with the code in it is the way to go - this here is not the case.

And it's not like LuaJIT is hard to compile - it does not depend on other packages - it can be almost compiled as one source file (and one more done through buildvm), it's quite embeddable (not as easy as lua itself, but still very very easy). Much easier than Python, Perl, Ruby - embedding them is bit harder (we had to embed Perl and Python and it's been problematic at places).